Chuldren Church Sunday School Anglican Canberra

Children and Youth

We are thrilled to provide a Sunday program at St John's for our Children and Youth who attend! From naturally curious, asking questions to wanting to know what God means in their life we want to be there to help!

Our programs run within our 9:30 service where the kids and youth start in our service and return for communion and a jellybean time to celebrate events in their weeks. On the fourth week of the month we are staying in church and providing a service where the children and particularly youth can engage directly in the readings, intercessions and service elements.

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Younger (5 yo - Grade 2)

This group is when our children start learning basic bible stories and principles of our faith. Our curriculum provides a strong scripture based content and is delivered by passionate volunteers. For our younger group we love them to make something crafty as a reminder of their session.

Older (Grade 3 - Grade 6)

This is the age range we strongly expect questions will start getting more detailed and numerous and we want to encourage that in what ever way we can! This age will have more reinforced teaching and we will sort to provide a stronger understanding in what they are learning. Once again, passionate volunteers let us run this group of our program.

Youth (Grade 7 - 12)

How does this ancient text work in my life? Or how does this apply? We want our Youth to be exploring the Bible, understanding how the scripture can speak into their life. Our Youth are also growing in independence as they age and we want to provide them a safe place to explore elements of their life. Providing opportunities to meet other youth from other churches as well as providing them a place and opportunity at St John's to explore their gifts and participate actively in the service and other areas in our parish. Youth is run by Michael, our Young People's Ministry Facilitator and he is assisted by wonderful volunteers who help provide these sessions regularly


Regular Annual Events

Start-Up Sunday

Every year we start term one with something special! After our regular session we join out on the lawn for a special event with an exciting activity. In 2022 we splashed our new rector, just a week after his induction service, on a not so warm morning.


This is one of the most important, if not the most important event on the church calendar. Traditionally, we run a special Easter Session of kids@church and Youth where we are all together, reviewing the importance of the Easter story as we conclude the very special weekend. After the service, the kids and youth all gather for a very exciting egg hunt through our historic grave yard.


Christmas Eve Pageant

Join us for Carols and the Christmas story on Christmas Eve. We love having people set up a picnic rug on our grounds as the children dress up in costumes and join us in telling the story of Jesus Birth, with Carols sprinkled throughout of course!


Our Rector Dave being splashed on Start-Up Sunday

Contact Michael Shaw, our Young People's Ministry Facilitator via for more information or if you want to join in on our programs!

All volunteers in our Young People Ministries have a WWVP card, training in safe ministries and child safety and they also have been screened by the diocese. We strive for a safe environment for our children and Youth to thrive and explore their faith.