worship anglican canberra

Worship is central to our life together

Throughout 2,000 years of Christian history, worship and the sacraments have brought us close not only to God, but to each other. In worship we are shaped and nourished and given the grace to go out into the world and live lives of service to others.


At St John’s we are committed to…


  • contemporary Anglican liturgy and worship

  • traditional Anglican Book of Common Prayer (BCP) services

  • careful preparation for all Services and liturgies

  • the systematic reading of the Scriptures by following the Lectionary

  • meaningful sermons and homilies where the Gospel of Salvation is preached faithfully and with love

  • worship enriched with hymns, accompanied by our fine pipe organ

  • the joy of singing, including traditional choral services

  • a Sunday evening church for those who are looking for something a little different

  • active lay participation

  • the importance of 'sacred space', art, colour, architecture, symbols and beauty which enhance worship and mediate truths beyond the human grasp

  • in an environment that is warm, inclusive and welcoming


One reason the church offers weekly worship is because it’s so easy, in your life in the world to forget what matters, to lose sight of who you really are and who you are called to be by God’s grace.