Sunday evening church Canberra



stjohns@6 is a Sunday evening church for those who are looking for something a little different. An inclusive service, open to all, it is especially aimed at helping students and young professionals explore what being a disciple of Jesus is all about in the ocean of postmodern life.

We gather in the historic St John’s church to:

  • encounter Jesus Christ in worship through music and liturgy that is both contemporary and ancient

  • explore the richness of the Christian faith through scripture and what it means in today's world, in our lives and workplaces

  • connect with others, care for one another and build a community of faith together


Join us at 6pm on Sundays to be welcomed into our stjohns@6 community. We are currently meeting in the hall because of COVID-19 restrictions.

"stjohns@6 was instrumental for our life in Canberra as it brought us together! It is a place where we could gain a deeper Christian perspective towards pressing moral quandaries. The warmth and kindness of the community have shown us a way to experience the love of God and to lessen our fear of walking with God. As migrants living faraway from home, stjohns@6 truly proved to be a home away from home!"

I've found a supportive Christian environment.

"stjohns@6 provides a modern spin to the traditional Anglican service, where the congregation is given the opportunity for questions and discussion following the sermon. It has been a great help in my own Christian journey to have a supportive environment in which to voice my own doubts and opinions and to hear others raising similar questions. I've made new and good friends through stjohns@6 and each individual has provided me with at least one new insight or inspiration that is aiding me to live a better and more meaningful Christian life."

"I enjoy being part of the stjohns@6 community because they are a supportive and diverse group of Christians who have encouraged my faith and helped keep it strong. Being a member of the community also give me the opportunity to show Jesus' love by supporting others and helping grow their Christian faith. I really connect with the service through its modern approach to Anglican worship while keeping key traditions and a focus on Jesus, at heart. For example, the unique opportunity to discuss the weekly sermon really helps me to understand the message and better connect with my fellow Christian."

"stjohns@6 is a clear example of Christian community done right. Being part of the services and community there, you expereince an extraordinary thing. It doesn't matter what APS level you are, how much money you make, your ATAR or whether you kept a distinction average at uni. You are loved for who you are and celebrated for who you are. In this modern world, where there is so much pressure to be perfect, stjohns@6 is an oasis of inclusiveness, love and respect."

"stjohns@6 is a unique family from all walks of life. We come together to celebrate our faith in Jesus Christ and to share a mutual respect for one another. Our days are sometimes challenging, others rewarding, yet at stjohns@6 we walk together with God and share the importance of  his Word at his home. We come to know that we are loved by God and can find a peace that only God can give.

"stjohns@6 is like a second family to me, one made up of people from all walks of life. It’s fantastic to have people you can turn to who will love and respect you, no matter what. St John’s is a place to come and be who you are and think about the big questions."

Sunday evening 6 pm worship Canberra