Thank you for your support

Thank you for supporting the ministry and mission of our St John’s community. In giving to the church you are committing to and responding to God's grace at work in this place and in your life. The giving of your time, skills and financial resources is crucial to living out a mature faith and is a sign of a grateful heart.

Jesus reminds all of us that where we spend and give our money says something about where our heart is (Mt 6:21). Making a regular financial commitment to St John’s is a tangible sign of its importance and value in your life.

COVID-19 and Giving - Letter from the Presiding Member of Parish Council

In my previous letter I expressed concern that the income of the Parish was likely to be affected significantly by the closure of worship and our not being able to meet together as a St John’s community because of the COVID-19 virus.  While that has certainly been the case for car parking revenue, our regular offertories have been exceptional.


After some initial concern, the generosity of you, our parishioners, has been wonderful.  In the past few weeks offertory income has just about met what we would normally expect, even with our worship not happening, for which your colleagues on Parish Council, and I, offer our sincere thanks.


As you may know the diocese, including the parishes, has been deemed eligible to receive the JobKeeper payments.  That will be of enormous benefit which, when combined with the financial assistance provided by the diocese, means that we do not have to lose staff, and our full ministry team can remain in place.  We will also be able to maintain our annual $12,000 Parish mission giving.


Many have asked when we might have our Parish Annual General Meeting.  If all goes to plan, when the government moves to stage 3 of the recovery from COVID-19 we should be able to have meetings of up to 100 people, appropriately distanced from each other.  That number well exceeds our normal AGM attendance; we should easily be able to accommodate the AGM in the hall with suitable social distancing. 


We are hopeful, therefore, that we should be able to run the AGM in about July, at which time we can also have our annual and triennial elections; the latter include Synod representatives and the new Clergy Appointments Board.


Paul has very kindly delayed his long service leave so that we minimise disruption to the Parish during this uncertain period.  It is important also that he be there to nurture and guide our parish community as we re-establish, as much as possible, our Church and parish-based activities.


We have much to be thankful for.  While many in our Parish and the community more broadly have been affected by the social isolation and other impacts of the COVID-19 situation it seems we will come out of this time earlier than anticipated and with far less impact on our Parish than we feared. 


Hopefully, we will be back to a sense of normality before we know it.  Importantly, in the meantime the virtual services that Paul and the ministry team are running weekly, the kids@church, Youth Group and St John’s@6 activities being hosted by Michael electronically and the Zoom-based morning prayers are all serving to keep us together.


Yours in Christ


John Richards

17 May

You can arrange electronic funds transfer through your bank, most easily on-line. The details you will need are:


Account name:            St John the Baptist Reid

BSB:                             702 389

Account number:        0520 9450

How to give


There are several ways to give from regular or one-off electronic transfers to weekly giving envelopes.

Direct Debit/Internet Banking (our preferred method)

Bank transfer:
BSB Number:            702.389
Account Number:      05209450
Account Name:         St John the Baptist Reid

Most people find it is easier to give to the church via a regular electronic transfer from their bank account. It saves them heading for an ATM before church or finding the right change each week. It is for that reason you will find the offering plate increasingly passing by parishioners.

Weekly Giving Envelopes

2020 Envelopes (to place in the offering plate at worship) are available for you to use.

By placing cash or a cheque in the offering plate

Tap Donation Point

No cash on you when you come to St John’s? You can now tap your debit or credit card to make a donation. Tap once for $10, twice for $20 and so on!

Whatever method you choose, your financial giving to the mission of God’s church is greatly appreciated. All financial information remains confidential.

A tax deductible donation to our Heritage Fund


Your donation to the National Trust - St John's Church Heritage Appeal Fund will help us continue our work in preserving for generations to come the heritage listed St John's Church (1841) the historic churchyard, the Schoolhouse Museum, the Rectory and surrounding landscape which includes trees, hedges and some small, but valued examples, of original temperate grassland.


Donations to the Fund are tax deductible. The Fund is administered by honorary trustees and no funds can be spent on the normal running costs of the parish.

Bank transfer:

BSB Number:        702.389

Account Number:   05202626

Account Name:      Heritage Appeal

To receive a receipt you must send an email to

You can also ring the parish office with your credit card number or send a cheque.

Leave a bequest

Once you have considered your family and loved ones, you may wish to consider leaving a gift in your will to the parish. A bequest is a gift that is specified in your will. Your bequest can make a difference to future generations.

A bequest can be general, which allows the parish to choose how your gift will be applied. This is the preferred option as it allows the parish leadership the freedom to decide how best to use your gift for the mission and work of God’s church.

Your bequest could be designated for a particular use, for example: youth and children’s ministry; church building maintenance; worship; music and pastoral care.

What is in your will is a personal matter. The parish does not need to know. However, if you want to make your bequest very specific (for example a new stained glass window), then it is advisable to discuss this with the Rector or Wardens before you finalise your will.


An appropriate form of words for a general bequest would be:


I give [specify amount or proportion of residue or other asset] to the Anglican Church Property Trust, Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, (“the Trust”) to be held for the general purposes of the Parish of St John the Baptist, Canberra, as decided by the Parish Council and the receipt of the Registrar of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn as Secretary of the Trust for the time being is a sufficient discharge to my executor(s) for this gift.


For a more specific gift, the words “general purposes” and “as decided by the Parish Council” should be omitted and for “general purposes” should be substituted the specific purpose, e.g. “for church building maintenance, music, etc”.

Making a bequest in your will is a simple procedure, although in preparing your first will or amending your existing will, you should consider consulting a legal professional.

Tap-and-go transactions making inroads to giving

Retail transactions are increasingly going cashless with tap-and-go transactions and mobile payment apps on smartphones. Not surprisingly, new payment systems and online payments are making inroads in the area of church giving.

Offertory collections, by passing around a plate or a bag, developed in the days when people were paid weekly in notes and coins. Today, our salary or income comes via our bank account.

Cash is well on its way out. Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe believes Australia is at a turning point, with cash set to become a 'niche payment'. In 2017 the Salvation Army became one of the first charities to roll out tap-and-go facilities for their Red Shield Appeal collectors to carry. Sweden is on track to become the world's first completely cashless economy.


In 2019 most people find it is easier to give to the church via a regular electronic transfer from their bank account. It saves them heading for an ATM before church or finding the right change each week. It is for that reason you will find the offering plate increasingly passing by parishioners because they give in a different way.

Of course parishioners can still give by using cash on a Sunday. However, instead of sending cash, coins and personal cheques up to the altar they are increasingly being asked to consider giving to the mission of God’s Church in a different way.

Are you one of the growing number of people who no longer carry cash? Enabling people to give in a way that suits them is a challenge that many churches are facing.


Our St John’s bank account details are: BSB Number: 702.389; Account Number: 0520 9450; Account Name: St John the Baptist Reid.

Canon Paul Black

Photos: Our 'tap-and-go' donation station. Fountain at St John's.



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