• Canon Paul Black

People don’t carry around cash nowadays!

Currency, which has allowed civilisations to trade and flourish for millennia, is fast becoming a "niche payment" used only in emergencies, while cheques look like being phased out in coming years.

Not surprisingly, electronic transfer of funds, mobile apps on smartphones and contactless giving via credit cards are making inroads in the area of church giving.

Offertory collections, by passing around a plate or a bag, developed in the days when people were paid weekly in notes and coins. These days most people’s income comes via their bank account.

Most of us now support the ministry and mission of our St John’s community via a regular electronic transfer from their bank account. It saves us heading for an ATM before church or finding the right amount of cash each week. It is for that reason that the offering plate is increasingly passing people by at worship.

Instead of sending cash, coins and personal cheques up to the altar please consider giving to the mission of God’s Church in a different way.

To set up a regular electronic transfer from your bank account to our St John’s bank account, the details are: BSB Number: 702.389; Account Number: 0520 9450; Account Name: St John the Baptist Reid.

Of course, you can still give via cash or a cheque. Weekly Giving Envelopes to place in the offering plate for 2020 are also available today for you to collect.

People are also making use of our ‘Tap Donation Point’ where you can tap your debit or credit card. Tap once for $10, twice for $20 and so on!

Thank you for supporting the ministry and mission of our St John’s community. In giving to the church you are committing to and responding to God's grace at work in this place and in your life.

The giving of your time, skills and financial resources is crucial to living out a mature faith and is a sign of a grateful heart.

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