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Election to find a new Rector

The time has come, the Bishop said, to talk of many things, of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax and ...annual general meetings.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 29 March at 11.00 am. I hope you can all attend as this is an important event in the life of the parish.

The Anglican way of governance involves lay as well as ordained people. Together we are responsible for mundane things like gutters and roofs (though hopefully not a roof on St John’s church for a very long time) as well as important things like community and evangelism.

This is what our Rector, Paul, wrote about the AGM a few years ago:

AGMs are important within the life of Anglican faith communities. Reports are presented concerning the mission and work of our parish and the audited annual accounts and the budget for the current year (January to December) are tabled and explained.

Motions (preferably with notice given) can be voted on and questions and recommendations can be raised on any matter connected with the church.

As parishioners, you are also given the task of electing a new leadership team for the coming twelve months, i.e. Churchwardens and Parish Councillors. Who is missing from our leadership team? Who would you encourage to offer their skills and abilities in enthusiastic and proactive leadership? Is there adequate representation from across the parish? Who are the people who will provide our faith community with the vision and leadership that’s needed for the coming twelve months and into the future?

Nominations open today. This is a particularly important year because we will also be voting for Synod Representatives and Clergy Appointment Board (CAB) members. These positions are for three years.

We don’t often think about Clergy Appointment Board members because we assume (and hope) that the Rector will stay. However, we know that’s not happening as Paul is going on long service leave in September, prior to retirement in early 2021.

The parish CAB members will meet with the Archdeacon and diocesan representatives to find our new Rector. So, it is a very important ministry position for those who are elected.

Can I please encourage you to think about who you want to do this important task of finding a new Rector? It may be you!

The whole parish will meet in a few months time to talk through the new Rector’s appointment, but at this time we need to choose who will represent us in the search.

Because we may not know other parishioners across different services, nominations will close on Friday 20 March at 3pm. This will give us time to prepare a short spiel from everyone who nominates for the CAB so you will get a feel of who they are.

Please don’t just think ‘someone else’ will do this important role.

Canon Margaret

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