• Canon Paul Black, Rector

Creation care fundamental to our faith

Hanging in space is our beautiful green and blue planet with millions of plants, fish, birds and mammals.

With over a thousand references to the Earth and caring for creation in the Bible, the message is clear: all in God’s creation – nature, animals and humanity – are inevitably linked to one another.

Creation care is a fundamental building block of Christian faith where our place on this planet as human beings – the ones with the most power – is not only a privilege to be enjoyed, but also a responsibility to be performed.

But because of human pollution, the burning of fossil fuels, rampant consumerism and overpopulation, God’s creation is increasingly under threat.

Scientists tell us that changing precipitation and weather patterns in many parts of the Earth – making some places dryer, with more intense periods of drought and at the same time making other places wetter, with increased flooding – are a result of man-made climate change.

The truth is, no matter who we are, no matter how wealthy or how poor, no matter where on the Earth we make our homes, we are all subject to the same forces of nature.

We are all vulnerable to the impacts of the cumulative effects of our lifestyles, our consumerism and the decisions we make daily that increase our ecological footprint.

Making better choices about what we buy and use, as well as reducing our energy-hungry lifestyles, consuming less and reducing waste will save the resources of our green and blue planet, as well as our money.

For Christians, we know that God created the world and that it belongs to God, not us. Therefore, we are stewards or trustees of God’s creation. We are not to abuse or neglect it.

All Christians are “greenies”. Why? Because creation carries the imprint of the Maker.


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