• Canon Paul Black, Rector

Some encouraging feedback

In the business of life we often fail to take the time to write a card, a letter, a note or an email to our loved ones, friends and acquaintances to thank them for their kindness or help in some way.

On Tuesday, I received this email from a visitor from the USA who attended our 8 am Eucharist last Sunday:

Dear Canon Black,

Just wanted to send you a short email to say that I greatly enjoyed worshiping at St. John’s this past Sunday. Your church is lovely, but I think pales in comparison to the Spirit of God that I felt coursing through the building.

Paul’s message in Philippians, and the reading from John’s Gospel were very meaningful to me. Bishop Mark’s sermon also touched me.

I am a long way from home, returning at the end of this week. This service was a highlight of my visit to Australia. It warmed my heart to gather amongst the faithful here, and see God present and reflected in all of your congregation.

I’ve lifted a prayer of thanks to God for this little gift he gave to me in guiding me to your church, and will continue to lift up good thoughts about you and your ministry in my church home in Maine.

God be with you! John

What a heart-warming and encouraging email to receive. It was a reminder to me of the importance of writing, saying thank you and providing feedback. I am pleased that John was able to carve out sacred time and sacred space on his visit to Canberra to gather amongst the faithful here.

Because of our baptisms we are part of a much larger family, the church. This family is not based on the bonds of blood and nationality. As followers of Jesus we are put in a relationship with people whom we would not have known – people with different names, nationalities, backgrounds, employment, histories, ages, etc.

With John, we came together on Sunday as the Body of Christ. We listened to the Word of God, which is “a lamp for our steps and a light for our path” and we received the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Christ, which is the food for our journey.

Who are Jesus’ family? Who are his brothers and sisters? Those who hear and do the will of God are Jesus’ brothers and sisters.

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