• Revd Jonathan Cole, Assistant Minister

A world that knows Jesus

During the second week of January, our family was fortunate enough to go to the Church Missionary Society’s (CMS) Summer School at the Katoomba Christian Convention Centre.

The week is structured around a time of worship and Bible talks as well as sessions with the CMS missionaries who are currently in Australia on furlough, final home assignment, or are about to be sent to the mission field.

There is a fantastic children’s program which meant that our two eldest children were looked after for the mornings. It’s one of the highlights of their year. In fact, one of our kids liked it so much they play summer school with their soft toys!

There were so many amazing and encouraging stories about the way people have come to know and love Jesus.

One of my favourite stories was from one missionary who told a story about visiting a refugee family with an evangelist from the same country. Part of their work involved helping the refugee family settle into the country and adapt to their new surroundings, as well as helping with food and other practical needs.

After a few visits and sharing the stories of Jesus, the family accepted Jesus. The missionary then asked if someone from the family wanted to pray. No one did, so the evangelist did. The evangelist launched into a beautiful poetic prayer. From then on, whenever they visited and ended with prayer, no one else wanted to pray.

One day, the evangelist was sick, and so the missionary went by themselves to the family. Again, the question was asked if anyone wanted to pray. No one wanted to, so the missionary prayed.

They described the way they stumbled and spluttered through a short prayer in the refugee’s language. After that, they asked if anyone else wanted to pray. The father of the family spoke up saying, ‘I think I can do that!’

CMS is one of our mission partners (we support the Clapham's who are doing student work in Japan).

It’s vision is to see a world that knows Jesus. To that end it seeks to reach gospel-poor peoples for Christ, equip Christian leaders for church and society and engage churches in cross-cultural mission.

If you would like to know more about CMS and what they do, or want to hear some great things that God is doing around the world and be encouraged through Scripture, let me encourage you to come to the CMS Canberra Mission Focus on 16-17th February at Radford College in Canberra. There is a dinner on the Friday night and a full day program on the Saturday. Come and see me for a leaflet or go online to

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