• Canon Paul Black, Rector

You are the salt of the earth... light of the world

There is a story of a Christian lady who was having a tough time. She was depressed, isolated and lonely. She went to her local minister for some spiritual counselling and advice.

“I thought she would just listen to my problems, give me some spiritual advice and pray with me,” she said.

“The minister did those things, but then she said, ‘I want you to go with me tomorrow to serve lunch for the homeless and those who cannot afford to put food on the table on a regular basis.’”

“I spent an hour helping to serve lunch, then another hour just listening and talking to the folks there,” the woman said.

“By the end of the afternoon, my mood was lifted. I thought I was serving them but they served me. All I did was serve soup.”

Jesus said, ‘You are the salt of the earth... light of the world." (Matthew 5:13 & 14) It’s a big ask! Sounds more like a job for the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury or another Mother Theresa – someone with clout and a big voice.

However, Jesus challenges each one of us to seriously consider our calling to the world. For better or worse, we have been chosen by God to address others with the message we have received.

We may communicate that message with words, but we also do it by our good works. Our good deeds give witness to what we believe, both personally and corporately.

That is why I am such a strong supporter of St John’s Care which aims to bridge the gap and break the cycle of disadvantage, isolation and economic hardship with compassion, advocacy, respect and encouragement through the provision of emergency relief and other programs.

It’s not easy to be a Christian in today’s world. But it is virtually impossible on your own. We need a support system to sustain our faith, hope and love. God doesn’t want us to do it alone.

That is why we need a supportive Christian community. By inviting us to partake of the sacred food of the Eucharist or Holy Communion, Jesus makes us his companions and friends. And in so doing, we ought to become companions and friends to one another.

We are called from many different backgrounds to form one body in Christ. By rising above our many differences we become witnesses of God who allows his light to shine in a variety of ways.

When we depart from worship and our faith community, we must take out into the world some of the warmth, love and hope we have experienced by belonging to Christ and to one another.

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