• Rev Paul Black, Rector

Stewardship - a way of life

Quite simply, stewardship is having the wisdom to acknowledge that everything we have, our life, our talents, our accomplishments, our families and our material possessions are gifts from God.

It is a way of living life with the understanding that someday God will ask each and every one of us what we did with the talents and skills we were given by the grace of God.

Stewardship is lived out in:

  • living and proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom;

  • using the talents and skills God has given us;

  • responding to human need in loving service;

  • caring for the environment and acting to preserve the world in which we live;

  • belonging to a faith community, joining in its worship and communal life; and,

  • giving generously of our material possessions.

Stewardship is lived out in volunteering:

Volunteering is at the heart of Christian service and discipleship. Whether it’s working with children and young people, exercising leadership, serving tea and coffee after a service, managing finances, reading the Scriptures, serving at the altar, or coming to our monthly grounds working bee, St John’s is dependent on volunteers.

Stewardship is lived out in the giving of our financial resources:

Our vision at St John’s is to be a vibrant Christ-centred community that engages and transforms the heart and soul of Canberra.

Christian giving is not primarily about balancing the books. It’s about resourcing God’s work, which every Christian is called to join in.

Every faith community is reliant upon the generous and regular financial support of its members.

There are several ways to give from envelopes to electronic transfer.

Internet Banking

Our St John’s bank account details are: BSB Number: 702.389 Account Number: 05209450 Account Name: St John the Baptist Reid

Weekly Giving Envelopes

Envelopes (to place in the offering plate at worship) are available from the Parish Office.

Anglican Direct

By using Anglican Direct funds are transferred from your bank account via the Anglican Investment and Development Fund (AIDF). For more information go to: or ph 02 6247 3744.

By cash or cheque

Whatever method you choose, your financial giving to the mission of God’s church is greatly appreciated. All financial information remains confidential.

Stewardship is lived out in leaving a bequest: A bequest is a gift that is specified in your will. Your bequest can make a difference to future generations. A bequest can be general, which allows the parish to choose how your gift will be applied. This is the preferred option as it allows the leadership the freedom to decide how best to use your gift for the mission of God’s church. Your bequest could be designated for a particular use, for example: youth and children’s ministry fabric and property maintenance worship music pastoral care What is in your will is a personal matter. The parish does not need to know. However, if you want to make your bequest very specific (for example a new stained glass window), then it is advisable to discuss this with the Rector or Wardens before you finalise your will. Making a bequest in your will is a simple procedure, although in preparing your first will or amending your existing will, you should always consult a legal professional.

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