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New Youth Group launched

Youth and children’s ministry is a very important part of what we do. We’re very excited about the launch of a fortnightly Thursday night youth group this past Thursday.

The youth group is a place where high school and college age youth can come, have some fun, build friendships, learn a bit more about God and see how being a follower of Jesus is relevant to them.

I wanted to give you a brief overview of what happens on a typical Thursday night youth group.

At 6:30 pm the youth leaders gather to pray and then talk about the program for the night and are delegated tasks (such as supper prep, time keeping, responsibilities for certain aspects of the games). When the meeting finishes, the leaders start preparing the hall for youth group.

Around 7pm the youth arrive are welcomed and we start playing some games. We’ll usually have a couple of smaller games and one large team based game (such as live action Hungry, Hungry Hippos or Volleyball Battleships).

We’re also doing some memory verse games to help us remember the key point of the term (this term we’re looking at encounters with Jesus in the book of Luke).

The team that wins the large game gets presented with “The Dory Cup” for bragging rights and their photo is taken and placed on the wall of fame. Their names are then all written on a piece of paper, laminated and added to the cup.

Every time a group wins the large team game the names are then added. At the end of the term, one name is drawn from the cup and that person becomes that term’s Champion.

At about 7:45 pm the group moves into the Robertson room to listen to a talk from David Dwyer. After the talk, they split into discussion groups based on age. The youth and leaders then spend some time talking about the Bible passage, the talk and what it means for them.

After discussion groups it’s time for supper, mingling and then home time (8:30pm). After the youth go home the leaders meet again to review the night again and pray.

We’re also really excited about KYCK coming up at the end of term. KYCK is a massive youth conference in Katoomba. It’s a great time of fun, fellowship and Bible teaching. It’s between April 6-8.

Please pray:

· For the youth that they might encounter Jesus and to grow to be more like him,

· For growth,

· For more leaders (especially for women),

· For the leaders as they disciple the youth.

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