Driveway Project


A major refurbishment of the driveway to and from Constitution Avenue and our sealed asphalt car parking area is about to begin at St John’s. During this time all parishioners, visitors, St John’s Care clients and others will need to use our Amaroo Street entrance.

Road construction St johns.png

Weekly Update - 15 October

Drainage works continue to be the focus of the job. Trenches have been dug, pipes and sumps added and then covered up. The piles of soil, broken up bitumen, and gravel continue on the site. There has been little traffic entering the site off Constitution Avenue as most are heeding the signs to not enter. The carpark to the rear of St John’s Care can now be quite packed.

Visitors are strolling through the precinct in increasing numbers, now attracted by the green growth throughout. Not many are looking through the fences to check on the work now underway.


Church Visitors, Volunteers and Parishioners will only be able to access the church and parish centre via our Amaroo Street driveway and pedestrian access.  Limited temporary visitor parking is available in the Eastern side of the car park as signed.

St. John’s Care clients and volunteers – St John’s Care will begin operating out of the rear of its current building from Monday, 20 September.  All clients, volunteers and deliveries should use the dedicated St John’s Care entrance and exit driveway off Amaroo Street which is located next to the old Scout Hall.

Paid Parking Clients Constitution Ave prepaid parking bays only – will still be able to enter from here, but only with a single lane.  A traffic warden will be on site during construction to manage truck and vehicle access, please be patient and follow the directions provided.  A few places may be changed to accommodate the construction and you will be advised ahead of time. Pedestrians will not be able to use the driveway in the initial stages. Exit and entry on foot will be via the CIT car park next door to St John's. Please use steps at bay No. 16.

Paid Parking ClientsAmaroo St prepaid parking bays only – access and most parking places remain the same. A few places may be reassigned to and will be advised ahead of time.  Pedestrians will not be able to use the driveway to and from Constitution Avenue in the initial phase of the works. Exit and entry on foot will be via the CIT car park next door to St John's or through the Eastern side of the church grounds towards Anzac Parade until a new footpath is completed.

You may wish to familiarise yourself with these alternative entrances if you do not already know them.  Please look for the new signs that will be placed prior to the project commencing.

13 Oct - New drain covered
13 Oct - New drain installation
13 Oct - New drain excavator works
13 Oct - Area for new drain
6 Oct - Rubble Pile
6 Oct - Excavator
6 Oct - Bobcat Working
23 Sep - Rear of Schoolhouse
23 Sep - White Piping Being Laid
23 Sept - Front of Schoolhouse
23 Sept - Progress on Path
21 Sept - Path Progress
21 Sept - Path towards Roadway
21 Sept - Excavator working
21 Sept - Path towards Schoolhouse
21 Sept - Redirection sign for St John's Care