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What to expect now that face-to-face has worship resumed 

Because of cleaning and disinfectant requirements before and after each service we will only be able to offer 4 services a week in the St John’s Hall.

  • Sunday 8.00 am  Eucharist/Holy Communion service


  • Sunday 9.30 am Eucharist/Holy Communion service with Children’s Church and Youth.

  • Sunday 6 pm stjohns@6.

  • Wednesday 10 am Traditional 1662 Holy Communion Prayer Book service with KJV Bible.

  • Because of physical distancing and space requirements only 62 people can be in the hall at one time.


  • There will be no community singing (hymns or singing responses). We will be able to say the responses together, the Lord’s Prayer, Confession, Creed etc. Congregational singing will be delayed until  further advice is received on how singing might be included in our COVIDSafe plan.

  • On entry, everyone will be asked if they have experienced any COVID-19 or flu like symptoms.

  • Attendees will be asked to give their contact details for COVID purposes only.

  • Everyone must use hand sanitiser.

  • No prayer books and hymn books will be used. A printed sheet will be provided.

  • People will need to practice social distancing at a minimum of 1.5 metres at all times.

  • There will be no physical greetings or exchanges such us handshakes or hugs, including sharing of the Peace.

  • Before and after services volunteers will clean and disinfect chairs, touch points, etc.

  • The 9.30 am service will be recorded and placed on YouTube for those unable to attend.

St John's COVIDSafe Management Plan



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