Made in God's image

How do you picture God? What is God like? We’re told in Genesis 1.26 that humanity is made in the image of God. Not surprisingly, if we get the image of God wrong, then we get God’s character wrong and we also get people wrong. If our predominant paradigm is that God is omnipotent, then God is power. It’s about using power to rule. So humanity being made in the image of God is about the accumulation of power to rule. Humanity’s main aim therefore would be getting power. If our predominant paradigm is that God is omniscient, then God is knowledge. So humanity’s chief goal, therefore, would be the pursuit and discovery of knowledge. What makes people God’s image bearers is their capacity for r

Travel companions needed

When we think of Jesus’ followers we often only think of the twelve apostles, but there were more. In Luke Chapter 10 we see Jesus sending out seventy disciples. He sent the seventy disciples “ahead of him … to every town and place where he himself intended to go.” This was a kind of “internship” while Jesus was still with them. Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs because they needed the comfort, encouragement and support of each other. Likewise, Jesus invites us to attach ourselves to other Christians because we, too, need the comfort, encouragement and support of each other. It is not good for us to try to be Christians alone. It is not safe. It is unhealthy. It is not possible for us to

The value of daily Bible reading

Is daily Scripture reading part of your routine? If it is, that’s great! Keep on reading. If it isn’t, let me encourage you to take the opportunity at the start of a new financial year to think about adding it to your daily routine. You see, there are a lot of voices in this world that compete for our attention. Everyone and everything wants us to buy into their worldview. Of course, this is not to say that this is a bad thing. There are very important things we need to hear from others, especially the voices of the poor and oppressed, the marginalised and the victims. Without hearing their voices, we will continue to perpetuate the injustices they suffer. But, in a world of competing voices



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