Canberra’s oldest church to get a new roof

St John’s Anglican church (1841), Reid, which dates back to the earliest days of European settlement in this area, is to get a new Welsh slate roof. In 1960 deteriorating timber shingles were replaced by asbestos roof tiles. Unfortunately, one major storm event could render the church unusable because no repair work can be carried out on the asbestos tiles. The surface area of the tiles is also at risk of breaking down with the potential of releasing asbestos into the environment. Now, almost sixty years later, the replacement of the church roof will commence this month. The projected cost of the project is over $300,000. ‘St John’s is a typical English village church and through a quirk of

Called to be finger-pointers

Today we celebrate and give thanks for the birth of John the Baptist, our Patron Saint, and a unique character in Biblical history. He was the last of the prophets to preach God’s word before the coming of the Messiah and he is rightly called the last of the Old Testament prophets. Jesus declared John the Baptist to be the greatest man to have ever lived. “I tell you,” he said, “among those born of women there is no one greater than John.” He is remembered for the kind of life he lived – a harsh and strange life dressed in camel's hair, eating locusts and wild honey out in the desert. He was eventually beheaded on the orders of King Herod. In medieval art, John is often depicted with his fin



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