Resurrection makes no sense without the cross

There is an intimate connection between the resurrection and the cross. In fact, the resurrection makes no sense without the cross. The day of Jesus’ death is not called ‘bad’ Friday but ‘good’ Friday. What makes it good is the love of Jesus. We see how, in the midst of the last week of his life, Jesus cared about others –the women of Jerusalem who sympathised with him, the thief on the cross and his mother. It speaks volumes that from the depth of his own pain he could feel the pain of others and reach out to them. He died praying for those who put him to death. The Passion Story shows how Jesus responded to what was done to him. In spite of the cruelty that was inflicted on him, his heart

St John's Care shelves empty

"We have only two weeks supply of food on our shelves," said Jason Haynes, SJC Programs Manager. "Hardship and setback can strike anyone," he said. "We urgently need the help of our wonderful Canberra community so we can help others." We are asking people to consider making a tax deductible donation on our website so we can buy food. Otherwise, food can be dropped into St John's Care. If the Centre is closed food can be placed in the basket in front of the font in St John's Church. These are the essential items we need: Tinned fruit Powered milk Pasta sauce Jam Honey Tinned Spaghetti Tinned vegetables, (peas & corn, beans) Snacks for School Lunches (Small Fruit Pac

Some encouraging feedback

In the business of life we often fail to take the time to write a card, a letter, a note or an email to our loved ones, friends and acquaintances to thank them for their kindness or help in some way. On Tuesday, I received this email from a visitor from the USA who attended our 8 am Eucharist last Sunday: Dear Canon Black, Just wanted to send you a short email to say that I greatly enjoyed worshiping at St. John’s this past Sunday. Your church is lovely, but I think pales in comparison to the Spirit of God that I felt coursing through the building. Paul’s message in Philippians, and the reading from John’s Gospel were very meaningful to me. Bishop Mark’s sermon also touched me. I am a long w



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