New Guinea Martyrs refused to abandon their posts

Sunday is the Feast of the New Guinea Martyrs who died as a consequence of the Japanese invasion of 1942. It is often said that the Church in Papua New Guinea grew out of the “blood of the martyrs.” Growing up in my home parish of St Barnabas, North Rockhampton, I was well aware of the eleven Anglican martyrs, priests, nurses, teachers and an indigenous lay catechist who refused to leave – even after most civilians had been evacuated – because they were convinced that they were called by God to stay with their people. Martyr, Vivian Redlich, served as a priest at St Barnabas before going to New Guinea. As a little boy, I was intrigued by Vivian’s photograph on the wall of my home church with

All workers generously rewarded

In Matthew 20, Jesus tells his followers the parable of the workers in the vineyard (1-16). The landowner goes out in the morning and hires workers to work the vineyard for one denarius. He then goes out again at nine, midday and then three to hire more workers, again paying one denarius each. He then goes out for a fifth time at 5 pm and hires another group of workers. At the end of the day (6 pm) he then pays the workers the agreed amount. Understandably, the ones who had worked the whole day were put out (v.11). How was it fair that they, who had toiled all day in the harsh sun, receive the same amount as those who only worked for an hour in the coolest part of the day? But this parable i

Abuse of power is not new

Abuse of power is all too frequently in the news these days. Far too often, people in authority use their privileged positions to indulge their own desires and in so doing cause harm to those for whom they are responsible. Elaborate scheming may take place to cover up these misdemeanours. Many instances from foreign governments could be cited, but closer to home we’ve seen examples in business corporations and even religious institutions. And we hear of all too many cases of abuse within family contexts. This is not new. Similar examples can be found in the Bible—including the story told in 2 Samuel chapters 11 and 12. Here is one of the most shameful episodes in biblical history. And yet, s



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