Bonds of connection under threat

Writing in the Canberra Times last week Charles Purcell said that our need to connect, to touch and be touched, and to talk face-to-face is hardwired into our DNA. He went on to give examples of how those bonds of connection are under threat every day… “we no longer have to have eye contact or physical contact with our bus driver. Gone are the days when the driver might offer a cheery ‘hello’ or share a joke as he hands you back your change. Now you can blank him or her out completely as you deploy your (MyWay) card. “You don’t have to look at or speak to your Uber driver if you don’t want to, either. Instead, you can ‘rate’ them after the trip in a kind of hybrid ‘social media meets the sec

A woman with a unique role in history

In the church’s calendar on Sunday, we will honour the life and witness of Mary Magdalene who was a disciple of Jesus and one of a group of faithful women who followed and supported him from their own resources – see Luke 8:1-3. We know from Luke’s gospel that Jesus healed Mary from some ailment. Luke says that Jesus cast out seven demons from her. Seven is the biblical symbol for wholeness or completeness. We don’t know from what ailment she was healed – whether it was physical, spiritual or psychological. But after Jesus healed her, like so many people we read of whom Jesus made whole, we know that she was determined to follow him. John tells us that she was among the women who journeyed t

Wallets need to be baptised as well

A priest and a new convert to Christianity entered a river for a full immersion baptism. The person, about to be baptised, remembered he still had his wallet in his pocket. He grabbed for his wallet to throw it on the riverbank. The priest stopped him and said, “Bring your wallet in with you. That needs to be baptised as well!” I can relate to that story because giving money to the mission and work of God’s church is something I have struggled with over the years. In my early years as a Christian I was prepared to spend lots of time and energy as treasurer of the parish, but the last thing I was prepared to give away was my cash. If you’ve been around church for any length of time you will k



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