The light that shines in the darkness

Christmas is a time of light. We see coloured lights on Christmas trees and on houses celebrating the joy of Christmas. The greatest light however, is the one from the infant child, the Son of God, Jesus. This is a light no darkness will ever be able to overcome. We are all aware of the darkness in our world. There are times when darkness seems to reign and hope wanes within us. There is poverty, sickness, natural disaster, violence, corruption, terrorism, war and fear. The light that shines in the darkness came forth from a humble manger in a small Middle Eastern village. This child, lying in a manger, grew up and became the wandering teacher and healer who invited ordinary folk to walk wit

Gordon Brown: ‘I should have been more forthright about faith’

Last week, I found an excellent article in the Church Times where Gordon Brown said that he should have been more open about the way in which his religious beliefs motivated him while he was the U.K. Prime Minister. Writing in his memoirs, My Life, Our Times, Mr Brown, argued against those who sought to expunge religion from the public square. “To expect those of us with strong beliefs to leave them at the door of the House of Commons or No. 10 is to require us to bring an incomplete version of ourselves into the public arena,” he wrote. “If the values that matter most to me are the values that I speak about least, then I am, at least in part, in denial of who I really am.” Quoting the forme

Lychgate conservation

Conservation repairs have been completed on our two lychgates. The east lychgate was stabilised with underpinning. The west lychgate (see photo) was fitted with new gates and rotten timber was replaced. In 2018, their wooden roof shingles will be replaced. The heritage conservation work was based on the projects identified in the 2015 St John’s Conservation Management Plan. The work costing $21,500 was funded by a grant from the ACT Heritage Council (around two-thirds) with the remainder being funded by the National Trust – St John’s Heritage Conservation Appeal Fund. The Parish thanks the ACT Heritage Council and the Heritage Appeal Fund for their continuing support to conserve the herit



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