Belonging, believing, behaving and becoming

Recently, I came across this article by the Rev’d Dr Ian T Price who is the Mission Resourcing Network Team Leader for the Synod of South Australia of the Uniting Church of Australia. I agree with everything he says: ‘The mission of the church has, from day one, involved evangelism. The word itself comes from a Greek word that means to share the good news. ‘There was a time when evangelism was a relatively simple thing. When the church was at the centre of the community and people still came to worship. ‘Those days seem a distant memory. Many of us live in highly secular communities that are suspicious of organised religion. People are cautious about the church given its very painful, recen

The complexities of marriage, gender and equality

Beloved in Christ, I have been asked – on a great many occasions now, the view of the Anglican Church on the upcoming ‘postal vote’. I’ve stated that Anglicans hold a variety of positions on how marriage should be understood or defined, though I myself, as you know, subscribe to a traditional understanding. It may also be helpful for readers to get a sense of the ‘mind’ of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia (our national representative and legislative body) which, last week, resolved without dissent, the following: Bishop Michael Stead moving, The Rev’d Canon Professor Dorothy Lee seconding The General Synod: (i) recognises that the doctrine of our church, in line with tra

Living in tumultous times

I was reading a post from on hardships in life titled ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker.’ In it, the author points out that people flourish despite the hardships they go through, not because they go through the hardships. The reason, the author claims, that people accept Nietzsche’s famous axiom is because it’s a convenient way to ease the trauma of suffering and, because we find the axiom self-affirming; we think it’s true therefore the evidence confirms its truth. While the author notes that the axiom is true in an evolutionary sense, he makes the point that it’s not the event that made the object able to survive calamity; it already had the resilience. The author



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