‘The Paradox and Promise of Later Life: Finding Meaning in the Journey’

It was so encouraging to see the response for the Seminar on Ageing held on 18 June. Fifty people packed into the Robertson Room to hear the Rev’d Professor Dr Elizabeth MacKinlay speak on ‘The Paradox and Promise of Later Life: Finding Meaning in the Journey’. Here are just some of the messages sent in appreciation of the day: “Thank-you so much for organising this wonderful event. I really got a lot out of it, and it was obvious that many others also did. We really appreciated the care and attention to detail of you and your team.” “I went dreading it would be an academic going to give me a load of theory that didn’t relate to real life. Instead Elizabeth gave a beautiful presentation fill

A life influenced by Eastern spirituality

On Friday morning, family, friends and parishioners will gather in St John’s Church to give thanks for the life of Ian Brooker and to commend his soul to God’s keeping. It was Ian who anonymously donated the 16/17th century icon of John the Baptist, which has been placed above our pulpit. Ian’s love of icons began in 1961 when he was travelling in Bulgaria. He wrote, “One night in a restaurant, I asked a man if there was an Anglican Church in Sofia, as the next day was a Sunday. He wasn’t sure, but suggested I go to an Orthodox Church High Mass. “So next morning, I walked across a cobbled plaza to the church which I cannot forget with its golden domes against a matchless blue sky. I entered

Celebrating John the Baptist, our patron saint

And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Most High; for you will go before the Lord to prepare his ways, to give knowledge of salvation to his people by the forgiveness of their sins. – Luke 1:76-77 On Sunday (June 26) we celebrate the Birth of John the Baptist, our patron saint, whose story began even before his birth. The angel Gabriel foretold his miraculous birth and prophetic ministry to his father Zechariah when he was serving as a priest in the Temple at Jerusalem – the scene that is depicted in the left hand panel of our stained glass window above the altar. The news was a joyous answer to prayer for the previously barren Elizabeth – Luke 1:5-25. John lived the life of a pro

Beliefs and Actions

A recent editorial in the Guardian newspaper sought to imagine an end to Christianity in Western Europe. It predicted: A post-Christian Europe will of course have a morality but it won’t be Christian morality … The idea that people have some rights just because they are human, and entirely irrespective of merit, certainly isn’t derived from observation of the world. It arose out of Christianity. This is not an especially controversial view. The secular humanist Philosopher Luc Ferry writes: It's quite clear that without this Christian re-evaluation of the human person, the philosophy of human rights to which we subscribe today would never have established itself. Such comments simply support



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