St John’s Hall 

Saturday 22 August 2020, at 2pm

Notice is hereby given that a rescheduled AGM and Electoral Meeting will be held on the above date, subject to any future Covid-19 restrictions.

AGM business includes:

  • adoption of 2019 minutes

  • annual reports

  • adoption of financial statements and appointment of auditor

  • presentation of the 2020 budget

  • presentation of the parish directional plan for 2020

  • general business

Electoral Meeting:

  • decision on numbers of parish councillors to be elected

  • decision of appointment of presiding member

  • election of:

    • two Wardens

    • Parish Councillors (number determined by the meeting)

    • three Synod representatives

    • three alternate Synod representatives

    • three members of the Clergy Appointment Board

Current Covid-19 health advice says that meetings held in enclosed areas should be for as short a time as possible. Therefore, the following will apply:

  • all reports will be taken as read.

  • questions will be taken from the floor for the Rector’s report only.

  • any comments and questions relating to reports (including all financial questions) should be directed to the Presiding Member, John Richards, ( by Thursday 20 August. Any comments, questions and answers will be read at the meeting.

  • items for general business must be sent to the Presiding Member by Thursday 20 August.

  • nominations received for the previous AGM date have lapsed. New nominations for all positions must be in writing, signed by all and either handed to the Rector or posted to G.P.O. Box 219, Canberra 2601 and received by 5pm Friday 14 August.

  • All parishioners nominated will be asked to complete a short questionnaire for the information of the electors.

  • For voting arrangements see the Letter from the Presiding Member of Parish Council. 

Letter from the Presiding Member of Parish Council re voting arrangements

Dear Fellow Parishioners


I am writing to outline extended voting arrangements for the forthcoming elections of new office bearers and representatives of the Parish.


As you are aware, an Electoral Meeting is usually held in conjunction with our Annual General Meeting. At that meeting wardens and parish councillors are elected; on this occasion we also have to elect parish members of the Clergy Appointments Board and our Synod representatives for the next three years.


Unless the COVID-19 situation worsens the most we can have in the hall for the AGM is 62, which may not be enough for all those who wish to attend. Also, I have been told that many of you still feel concerned about attending large gatherings and are unlikely to attend the AGM, even though you are vitally interested in the election process.


As a result, Parish Council has decided to separate the election from the AGM in order to provide the best opportunity for all parishioners to vote. This will involve a combination of voting in person and postal voting.


If you wish to exercise a postal vote you will need to register with the parish office by phone (6248 8399 if unattended leave a voicemail message) or email ( so your name can be recorded against the parish roll, and ballot papers can be sent to you by post. If you wish to vote in person you will have that opportunity directly after the AGM and after the Church services on 23 and 26 August.


As part of the process we are asking all candidates to complete a simple questionnaire about themselves, which will be available to all who wish to vote and will be included with the postal ballot papers.


We are going to operate to the following schedule:


  • 10-17 August  Register with the office for a postal vote, either by phone or email

  • 14 August        Nominations close for all positions COB

  • 19 August        Postal vote ballot papers sent out from the office to those who registered; you may return your completed ballot paper at any time, provided it is received by 4 September (see below); please allow adequate time for postal delivery

  • 22 August         AGM and opportunity to vote in person

  • 23 August         9:30am service followed by the opportunity to vote in person

                                 6:00pm service followed by the opportunity to vote in person

  • 26 August         10:00am service followed by the opportunity to vote in person

  • 4 September     Postal votes must be received by 5:00pm by mail at the Parish post office box, details of which will be given with the ballot papers

  • 5 September     Votes counted

  • 6 September     Results announced on the Parish website and at Church services


The returning officer for the elections will be Canon Margaret Emil, who will be present at each in-person voting time, and who will supervise the overall process. She will be assisted in the counting process by two tellers appointed from the lay people of the Parish.


I know this is a significant departure from our normal process but, of course, these are strange and difficult times. Parish Council feels that the process I have just outlined, while more complicated than unusual, will hopefully ensure no one is disenfranchised because of the pandemic.


If you are planning to attend the AGM in person you will need to let us know, so that we do not have more than 62 (either by phone or email) in the hall. Please register your wish to attend with Kimberley in the parish office.


Yours in Christ’s service


John Richards

Presiding member, Parish Council

7 August 2020

Download the reports for the 2020 AGM below. If a hard copy is required, please print them yourself. There will only be a limited number of copies available.

Nominations received COB 14 August


Christine Hawkins

John Lawson

Russ Tunks

Parish Councillors

Helen Wilson

Edward Jackson                                 

Christine Hawkins

Cerelia Lim

John Lawson

Russ Tunks

Sean Noble

Cecilia Symonds 

Shawn Liew

Synod Representatives

Ian Dalziell

Suzanne Howarth

Clergy Appointment Board

Helen Wilson

Jon Hawkins

Ian Dalziell

Cecilia Symonds

Suzanne Howarth



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