St John’s Hall 

Saturday 22 August 2020, at 2pm

Notice is hereby given that a rescheduled AGM and Electoral Meeting will be held on the above date, subject to any future Covid-19 restrictions.

AGM business includes:

  • adoption of 2019 minutes

  • annual reports

  • adoption of financial statements and appointment of auditor

  • presentation of the 2020 budget

  • presentation of the parish directional plan for 2020

  • general business

Electoral Meeting:

  • election of:

    • two Wardens

    • Parish Councillors

    • three Synod representatives

    • three alternate Synod representatives

    • three members of the Clergy Appointment Board

Current Covid-19 health advice says that meetings held in enclosed areas should be for as short a time as possible. Therefore, the following will apply:

  • all reports will be taken as read.

  • questions will be taken from the floor for the Rector’s report only.

  • any comments and questions relating to reports (including all financial questions) should be directed to the Presiding Member, John Richards, ( by Thursday 20 August. Any comments, questions and answers will be read at the meeting.

  • items for general business must be sent to the Presiding Member by Thursday 20 August.

  • nominations received for the previous AGM date have lapsed. New nominations for all positions must be in writing, signed by all and either handed to the Rector or posted to G.P.O. Box 219, Canberra 2601 and received by 5pm Friday 14 August.

  • All parishioners nominated will be asked to complete a short questionnaire for the information of the electors.

Appointment and Election Results


John Richards (Rector appointment)

Christine Hawkins

Russell Tunks

Parish Councillors

Helen Wilson
Edward Jackson
Cerelia Lim
Sean Noble
Cecilia Symonds
Shawn Liew
John Lawson (Rector appointment)

Andrew de Lautour (Rector appointment)


Synod Representatives

Ian Dalziell
Suzanne Howarth
(One to be elected – see Notice of General Meeting)

Alternate Synod Representatives

(Three to be elected – see Notice of General Meeting)


Clergy Appointment Board

Helen Wilson

Jon Hawkins

Ian Dalziell



Sunday 27 September immediately following the 9.30 am Service

The meeting will be to elect

  • One Synod representative, and;

  • Three Alternate Synod representative

Nomination forms can be found on our website. Nominations to be received in the Parish Office by 2 pm 24 September.

Parish Council has recently completed a 'Future Directions' paper (which is a work in progress) which sets out our values, a SWOT analysis (i.e. our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and a transitional plan for the interregnum between Rectors. The paper was launched at the Annual General Meeting for feedback to be received over the next month or so via John Richards