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Our St John's community

St John's church (1841) and its historic precinct is one of Canberra's treasures. It is an oasis of quiet and beauty in the heart of our Nation's capital. The church, churchyard and schoolhouse predate the nation's capital by almost 70 years.


Over those decades people have come to St John's to worship, to experience the good news of Jesus and to be nourished by belonging to a church community. The church's ambience, pipe organ, bells, stained glass windows and other works of art have enhanced their worship and spiritual lives.

Our vision is to be 'a vibrant Christ-centred community that engages and transforms the heart and soul of Canberra'.

We believe

  • God loves all people - no exceptions

  • Jesus Christ is our Lord

  • God is Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • the Bible is the inspired Word of God

  • in the forgiveness of sin and life everlasting

  • worship shapes and nourishes us, by both Word and Sacrament, and teaching and preaching shapes our discipleship

  • God calls both women and men equally to ordained ministry

  • lay people exercise a vital role in the governance and ministry of our church community

  • all baptised Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion

  • the Christian faith has profound things to offer people who are searching


We affirm

  • the role of individual conscience in ethical matters where people can reasonably disagree, and are informed by Scripture, reason and tradition

  • our unity in Christ while respecting our differences

  • the worldwide Anglican Communion, which traces its heritage to the beginnings of Christianity

  • that marriage is a lifelong commitment. We recognise that there is grace after divorce and celebrate the remarriage of divorced persons

  • the desire of people to enquire and question


We value worship through

  • contemporary Anglican liturgy and worship, as well as traditional choral services and traditional Anglican Book of Common Prayer (BCP) services

  • the systematic reading of the Scriptures by following the Lectionary

  • meaningful sermons and homilies where the Gospel of Salvation is preached faithfully and with love

  • the joy of singing, including worship enriched with hymns and traditional choral services

  • our history and its unique place in the national capital

  • the importance of 'sacred space', art, colour, architecture, symbols and beauty which enhance worship and mediate truths beyond the human grasp


We strive to

  • share the good news of Jesus Christ

  • to love our neighbours as ourselves

  • be welcoming, inclusive and hospitable

  • create opportunities for young people to explore life’s meaning and discover God’s love

  • provide a safe environment for all people; particularly those who are vulnerable, for example children and the elderly

  • share God’s love for all people through compassionate ministry, and the practical service of St John’s Care.

Our ministries include St John’s Care which offers practical support to all in need. Hardship and setback can strike anyone—an unexpected crisis, the loss of a job, health problems, family breakdown and a number of other reasons. St John's Care is there to help and support all people in a non-judgmental manner with dignity and respect.


You may be reading this because you are new to Canberra, looking for a church community or simply curious about Christianity. We invite you to ‘come and see’ (the great invitation made by Jesus himself to his early followers) if our St John’s community is a fit for you!